Emergency Roadside Assistance


Emergency Roadside Assistance will help get you off the side of the road and back in the fast lane in no time.

As a NMC Member, you have access to emergency road service 24 hours a day in the United States and Canada. In Mexico, Emergency Roadside Assistance services are available through member reimbursement only. Your membership covers you and any vehicle you are driving, as long as the type of vehicle is covered as explained. The Emergency Roadside Assistance benefit provides up to $100 per disablement for the following covered services provided by a commercial garage, locksmith, or tow provider:

  • Towing – NMC will tow your covered vehicle to a location of your choice.
  • Delivery of emergency fuel/fluids – NMC will arrange for the delivery of fuel to the covered vehicle, except where prohibited by law.
  • Jump start/battery boost – NMC will arrange for a simple jump-start of the covered vehicle’s drained battery. Only batteries used to start the vehicle’s engine are covered.
  • Changing a tire – NMC will arrange for the changing of a flat tire on a covered vehicle using the vehicle’s working spare tire.
  • Lockout/locksmith – NMC will arrange for locksmith services to assist with opening the door of a covered vehicle and/or obtaining a replacement key.
  • Winching/vehicle extraction – NMC will arrange for the extraction by winch services of a covered vehicle that is within 100 feet of a maintained roadway.
  • Delivery/installation of parts – When arranging any of the previously listed emergency roadside services, if it is determined that parts may need to be delivered to the site and/or may need to be installed, NMC will arrange for parts to be delivered and installed.