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Russian Hacker Theory Has a Virus

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW


The people have voted, and it’s time to accept the outcome and move on.

The latest on the Russian Hacking conspiracy theory seems to be nothing more than that. If anything, it’s a conspiracy, to void a fair and decisive win, trying to create a panic and write a false narrative into disputed reports from our own intelligence agencies.

The Russian Hacking saga should be broken down into two, “common sense categories”.

1)    Did Russia, in fact use emails, and propaganda to steer an election in the United States?

This scenario is more believable then the inflating of Trump’s numbers conspiracy, and it is probably a safe bet that there was something going on here. It’s something that should be followed up on and investigated, but forget getting the smoking gun. Foreign hackers do not make mistakes and any evidence that is left behind in the form of electronical communications, could be a false flag, meaning it was planted to point to someone else.

There is nothing on this side of the alleged Russian intervention to submit that The President Elect had anything to do with this. Accordingly, the electoral college was wise not to use this a political move to stall an inauguration or otherwise harm the peaceful transition of power.

2)    Did Russia, in fact, inflate or tamper with numbers in this election for anyone?

As part of this ongoing saga, we have had re-counts in three states that were key in the upsets, and there is no evidence in those counts that anyone tampered with anything. In addition, no one else has reported any suspicion of tampering or unbalanced/abnormal figures. The Russians are not that stupid, exposing e-mails is one thing, but tampering with voter numbers is an act of war. We are built on free and fair elections; such a violent act would surely a swift and strong response.

The CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies cannot come to an agreement on the findings of the investigations. There is no smoking gun, no proof or evidence to suggest that this should be a reason for those who had an electoral college vote to interfere with the peaceful transition of power.

What nobody has answered is just how the Soviets could have altered the outcome when it comes to the actual numbers. The votes are not counted on the internet, so it’s very easy to compare what was sent vs what was received. This is a no brainer. If there was clear cut “manipulation” by the Russians, then the President needs to report just that. Obama is creating the illusion that there’s teeth to this theory after he spent 8 years letting Putin and the gang run amok, and now with a month left he wants to be seen as getting tough with them.

Too little, too late Mr. President.

We have a lame duck, hypocritical President who, in his last six weeks, ordered an investigation into the alleged hacking and wants it before he leaves. That’s a very short time span to crack an international spy case, unless you’re Tom Clancy of course.

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, told Fox’s Sean Hannity that they did not receive any help from Russia. It’s up to you to decide if that qualifies as an honest source of information.

Prove that Russia crossed that line in our elections and I will be the first to say we have a constitutional crisis on our hands. This election was won and it’s over, like it or not, this is your country for the next four years.

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