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Are you looking for a qualified driver or looking for customers in the transportation industry that would be interested in your product or service? Professional Truck Drivers United (PTDU) in St. Louis, Missouri, is building message boards to connect you with others in the industry who have what you need. Our message boards are here 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Jobs and Recruitment

truck drivers talkingAt PTDU, we offer both self-service and full service recruiting services. If you are a professional driver, you can list your qualifications, location, and experience to attract more truck driving jobs. We can also search for opportunities for trucking companies with our full-service recruitment options. We even offer resume services for drivers seeking different driving job opportunities.

Member companies looking for qualified drivers are also welcome to post openings on our site with our self-service options. Full services for companies include active recruitment and screenings done to your specifications. We are committed to finding the right professional for your job.

Stand with us to make life better for professional truck drivers, including better trucking opportunities, safer standards and more easily accessible resources. Anyone involved in the freight transportation industry that operates with integrity is welcome, whether they are a single operator or a large shipping company. Discover the strength of unity through our Job Boards and trucker roadside services.

Product and Service Listings

No matter what product or service you offer to the transportation industry and individual truck drivers, we have a message board for you. Members can list offers of everything from driving gloves to driver training for other members to see. You can also contact us to post items of interest to freight companies and transportation brokers. We encourage offers of insurance for everything from family life and health plans to insurance for commercial businesses. Come join the community using unity to increase the Resources available to our members.