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We Offer Everything from Trucker Apps to Family Services

At Professional Truck Drivers United (PTDU), we are experienced industry professionals who know what it’s like for your family to need you when you’re hundreds of miles away. That’s why we started a nationwide trucking community based in St. Louis, Missouri, to bring all of the varied branches of transportation together. At this time, we offer links to popular resources and trucker apps such as Pilot™, TA™, and Trucker Path™. We intend to increase the truck service benefits we offer to those on the road as our community grows. We also encourage our members to spread the word to increase our Community Footprint so that we can increase the number of offers available to you.

On-the-Road Family Care

PTDU is an affiliate of the National Motor Club offering roadside assistance services to truck drivers and their families. Experience peace of mind while on the road, knowing that if something should happen, your loved ones are only a phone call away from help. Services include emergency roadside service, discount programs, identity theft protection, home lockout programs, trip planning services, and online shopping discounts.